Developed to overcome the challenges of previous wellhead technology, the Flo-Wing® Meter provides landfill operators the widest measurement range, unobstructed liquid passage and varied placement options. With thousands of units in operation, accuracy of the Flo-Wing® Meter is trusted at landfill sites throughout the country and around the globe.
While it is programed specifically into the Envision™ Meter, the Flo-Wing® Meter is compatible with any of today’s commonly used monitoring instruments through use of an equivalent orifice size.
With the exception of some custom applications, Flo-Wing® inserts are molded CPVC which is pre-installed in HDPE, PVC, or CPVC pipe. Custom materials and sizing available upon request.

Design Advantages: 

  • Unobstructed liquid passage
  • Accurate and dependable measurements
  • Wide flow measurement range
  • Geometry for low vacuum loss
  • Horizontal and vertical placement
Available Options: 
  • Standard Materials: HDPE (DR-11), PVC (SCH 80), CPVC (SCH 80)
  • Custom Materials: 304 SS (.065" Wall), 316 SS (.065" Wall)
  • Standard Configurations: Vertical Wellhead, Horizontal Wellhead, Meter Run